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Muito bom!!!


Muito bom

Prático, objetivo e o melhor, free!


5 Stars I give this app !! Works extremely well where I live!!

Simple, reliable

My go to for tide info.


Love this app. Quick and easy to use. Especially when throwing the anchor down for the night to know what depth I need

Basic not great

Very Basic info

Tides Near Me App

This is an Awesome app.


Great app that does what it says itll do

Great App!

A fantastic quick way to find basic tide, sun, and moon info. Not meant for minute by minute info. Thanks for providing for Free.

Clear and accurate

Use it all the time. Nice interface.

Great App

Love this app for my fishing and crabbing tides. I no longer have to check the paper and I can check it when out on my boat. This app has help me catch more fish and crabs, get more sleep and help keep me safer on the water. A must for anybody who loves the ocean.

Quick & simple!

Great user interface - easy to use.

Works for me

Exactly what i needed.

Grandkids love to explore White Rock beaches

Keep this app front page on my phone for easy access. The grandkids know how to check for the best tides for exploring or swimming! Living near the beach, I looked at many tide charts but most were far too confusing! Love this app and love White Rock beaches!!!

Local content

Has good local information including for BC, Canada. No issues to report as yet.

Easy to use and read

Would like an option to use location services to find closest applicable tide chart

Great App

Easy to navigate. Accurate.

By the sea

Very useful app as we live by the sea, and have the habit to follow the movements of the tides daily. It,s also interesting to compare tides from around the world. We,ve always had tide clocks and count on this app to adjust them regularly.

Love the new design!

Great way to check the tides and plan fishing trip.

Perfect very easy and understandable!!

Two Thumbs up!

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